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Monday Motivation: How one athlete inspired others by sharing her passion for soccer

By Kristen Stephenson

Published 03 August 2020

For this week’s Monday Motivation, we’re highlighting a multi-Guinness World Records title holder who pursued her soccer dreams on and off the pitch. Tasha Nicole Terani went from being adopted at a young age to finding herself and her character through her love of the sport. After growing up with two competitive brothers, and a dad who became a great coach and mentor, she eventually grew up to challenge herself through way of Guinness World Records titles and founding TNT Soccer System as well as the Every Childs Dream Foundation. Although Tasha’s record breaking first began in the early 2000s she has just recently entered the record books again after crushing the record for the most between the leg figure eights with a football (soccer ball) in 30 seconds, at a total of nine. Her recent attempt, which occurred during the quarantine, was a way of encouraging others to perform their best despite the circumstances, and to stay true to her initial passion of inspiring others with soccer. Tasha’s journey first began as a young soccer athlete competing with her family, who were very athletic.

She particularly had fond memories of her father, who not only guided her as a player, but also shaped her as a coach. "I was fiercely independent as a child, always grabbing the soccer ball and playing outside alone for hours. Soccer was not just an escape for me, it was a discovery. I really gravitated towards my adoptive father Nick the most. He was the most important and positive influence in my childhood. He taught me about life, love and kindness. He was always the coach for my brother's teams so I learned everything I know about motivating, inspiring, mentoring and teaching young kids from my father.”

Tasha went on to coach her own soccer teams and more importantly break Guinness World Records titles for Most football touches in one minute (female) and Most football touches in 30 seconds (female) – even achieving one on the Today Show! From that point she became motivated to get involved with United Nations as a special envoy for peace and development for International Youth Soccer, a role which allowed her to teach the sport in impoverished areas all over the world. But although she spent years as a youth ambassador, he work was not finished, as it was still most important for her to educate kids on playing the game on a day to day, accessible level, which is why she founded her own soccer techniques program TNT Soccer System in 2012. The program has expanded to several different products, many of which she is still promoting and developing so that others can partake in the same joy she experiences when playing soccer. Now she focuses on increasing her efforts in the soccer community and may be breaking more record titles in the future.


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