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Our Distribution

We can't do it alone! Thanks to our partners we can swiftly distribute care packages worldwide. Our key distribution partners give us immediate access to the people and agencies in need. From right here in Los Angeles to every state in the U.S. Our global partner gives the Every Child's Dream Foundation access to the world. Enabling us to send our care packages worldwide with zero shipping costs. Can't beat that!

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief agrees that the gift of love is as powerful as the gift of medicine.

Tasha-Nicole at Direct Relief_edited_edited.jpg

Echoes of Hope in Los Angeles

Founded by Stacia and Luc Robitaille, Echoes of Hope strives to awaken the spirit of hope in the lives of children, youth, and young adults in need by alleviating barriers and helping them reach their full potential.


Goebel Senior Center 

Thank you to the Bear Ladies and the Knifty Ladies at the Goebel Center for 12 years of customized hand knit teddy bears and blankets. 

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