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Every Child's Dream Day for disadvantaged students aired on NBC News in LA!

Sponsored by Every Child's Dream Foundation and Motor4Toys through the generosity of the Wank Family

and with the support of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Thanks to the heartfelt commitment by the people involved, disadvantaged students were recognized for their kindness and commitment to their communities last Tuesday on Every Child's Dream Day! NBC Channel 4 News was there to cover the special day and to follow the kids around Toys R Us as they raced to pick out toys!

"It was a truly special day! I loved watching the kids run around Toys R Us and select toys! It was beautiful to learn that many of the kids asked if they could get a gift for their brother or sister!

- Tasha-Nicole Terani

"It is our hope that these wonderful children will continue in their efforts to keep that kindness in their hearts and to remain aware of their community as their world grows"

- Kathleen Doran, Motor4Toys

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