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Lift L.A Thanks Every Child's Dream Foundation, Tasha-Nicole

Thanks to the contributions of

Tasha-Nicole Terani, Founder/CEO of the Every Child’s Dream Foundation and Delivering Good out of New York, LIFT-Los Angeles was able to make back-to-school season a little brighter for families in need...

“Muchas Gracias, (thank you very much), my children had a great time.

LIFT-Los Angeles recently hosted their 2nd annual Backpack Giveaway. In partnership with Every Child’s Dream Foundation, Delivering Good out of New York, and other organizations, nearly 100 backpacks full of school supplies were donated to LIFT families. Plush backpacks filled with important items such as notebooks, pens, and pencils were graciously donated by Tasha-Nicole Terani. These plush backpacks were especially popular with toddlers who are beginning early education.

This year’s giveaway celebrated education for both children and parents. LIFT’s children took part in a range of activities, including a reading circle where they heard the story of Curious George saving his pennies and an activity in which they created their own piggy banks. Concurrently, parents heard the story of City Year, Los Angeles’ Program Director Sergio Hernandez, M.S. and his journey of being the first generation college student in his family. His message to the parents was to support their children and believe that nothing is impossible.

The event concluded with the children receiving their backpacks and taking family photos holding a sign that read

“I will go to college & graduate class of _ _ _ _ " representing the year they would graduate from college.

LIFT- Los Angeles is happy to continue collaborating with Tasha- Nicole Terani and ECDF. Together we will continue to impact the future of our children. Children participated in activities and made piggy banks.

“I am so grateful for this event, going back to school is expensive. I was stressed just thinking how I was going to purchase the things my children needed. It adds up, buying things like pencils and notebooks. ” -Mother V.V. said with relief.

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