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Every Child's Dream Foundation "Clear the Shelters" NBC Event!

“Clear the Shelters,” Sponsored by NBC teams up with hundreds of shelters around the country, this year’s event resulted in 62,915 pet adoptions nationwide. Adopted pets include dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and even bunnies.

“This is such a fabulous event,” Tasha-Nicole Terani, founder of The Every Child’s Dream Foundation, said. She was on hand to help distribute some of the 400 “Story of Jingles” rescue toys she had donated. The cute stuffed toys are accompanied by a booklet that tells the story of an abandoned puppy and his journey to a loving home.

"A perfect event for this donation,” Terani said. “It is so exciting and gratifying to see the looks on these kids faces when they get their “Jingles” toy and when they get their real pets.”

The Plush Puppies were donated to Terani’s Foundation by the organization, Delivering Good Out of New York. The Every Child’s Dream Foundation has delivered care packages for abandoned babies and children to every state in the nation and to over 92 countries worldwide.

Harlee Magner, 10, was one of the children who received a “Jingles” toy. She excitedly gave Terani a big hug and clutching her toy puppy, listened intently as Terani read her the story. Harlee and her parents Will and Sarah Magner adopted “Bosco,” a lab shepherd mix who will join three cats Harlee aspires to be a veterinarian.

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