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Terani’s amazing journey goes from abandoned to ambassador, from model to role mode

By NewsChannel 3-12 Published 2021

Tasha-Nicole Terani is changing lives, one kid at a time. Abandoned at birth, she is now helping kids in need through her Every Child’s Dream Foundation. She teams up with companies such as Goleta-based

Direct Relief International to distribute thousands of care packages a year for kids. The care packages usually contain teddy bears, blankets and other comforts. Terani was abandoned in the streets of Tehran, Iran and spent nearly the first two years of her life in an orphanage. She came to the U.S. and would become an international model, an 8 x world record holder for soccer ball control, and a United Nations Special Envoy for International Youth Soccer. This past summer she publicly came out as an orphan in a powerful speech in front of thousands of foster children that are in the same situation.

"They asked me to come give a pep talk and I ended up coming out as an orphaned/abandoned person. I shared with them a dream I've always had about finding my birth mother. Chasing her in the streets begging for her to look at me. When I finally get her to look at me, I see my own face! I explained to the kids that chasing a ghost is a waste of our time! Finding my mother isn't the answer, finding myself was the answer. Finding myself was the cure for me and I know it can work for you too. Be proud of who you are and stop at nothing to discover your gifts! Discover these gifts and use them to improve your life and the life of others."

- Tasha-Nicole Terani


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