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Every Child's Dream Foundation Donates $10,000 in School Supplies to underprivileged Kids in L.A

LIFT-Los Angeles’ Back-to-School

Backpack Giveaway! Every Child's Dream Foundation Donates Backpacks Pens, Pencils & School Journals!

By Laura Presse - August 2017

It is that time of year again when jitters are felt by children and parents alike, and any support for getting through those first days of school is welcomed. In an effort to prepare LIFT families with the resources they would need for tackling the back-to-school season, LIFT-Los Angeles recently hosted their 2nd annual Backpack Giveaway. In partnership with the Every Child's Dream Foundation and Delivering Good out of New York! Helping more than 43 families have the supplies they need for school this year.

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