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Model Turned Humanitarian

Tasha-Nicole Terani:

Model turned Role Model !


Tasha-Nicole is now a 5-time Guinness World Record Holder for soccer ball control and has even taught a 12-year-old boy to break 2 world records. She is now a world-renowned soccer training/ball control expert, United Nations Ambassador for Soccer and Founder of the Every Child’s Dream Foundation, a 501c3 Nonprofit for orphaned and abandoned babies.

Tasha-Nicole wrote and created the really cool Soccer Training System DVD “Ball Control with Tasha-Nicole”. A best selling soccer training DVD on Amazon, Nicole has been inspiring and helping kids develop their soccer skills. Recently, Terani released her specially designed Soccer Ball, the “TNT TOUCH” Soccer Ball for ALL ages, training, practicing and match play; also available on Amazon.

Terani was orphaned as a newborn baby and ended up in an orphanage in a third world country. She is gifted with such athletic ability that within only months after she turned her back on a successful modeling career, she broke several World Records in soccer. Tasha-Nicole Terani was featured on NBC’s Today show and soon after summoned by the United Nations to become an Envoy for International Soccer. Her training skills in soccer are legendary and second to none, she is sought after by celebrity clients not just in the US, but also across the oceans. As an ambassador for peace designated by the United Nations, Terani has traveled to many countries promoting American good will.

After all of Terani’s renowned accomplishments she found herself still yearning for that missing piece in her heart, her lost family. This self-inspection, brought her to a stark realization that all abandoned and orphaned babies, once grown, will take a similar inner journey. What Terani discovered was that the only true way to heal is to start her crusade to help the 320 Million orphaned and abandoned babies in our world today. Finally, by starting her organization she was able to “come out” to the world as an orphan. Terani believes that her “coming out” will inspire millions of orphaned and abandoned people. It will inspire them, liberate them and shine light on this taboo issue of being adopted.

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