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Every Child's Dream Foundation Spotlight!


Every Child’s Dream Foundation

-Direct Relief International works with maternal and child health centers around the world to make sure babies are born healthy. With the help of one of our amazing partners, not only do we help deliver essential medicines to newborns, but we help children enter the world knowing that someone cares about them.

There are an estimated 320 million orphaned babies in the world today and Tasha-Nicole Terani, the founder of Every Child’s Dream Foundation, is making a difference in those babies’ lives.

Every Child’s Dream Foundation donates thousands of care packages every year filled with vital supplies, teddy bears and blankets to orphaned and abandoned babies. Helping to provide them with physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.

This afternoon, about 3,000 care packages were dropped off at Direct Relief HQs to be sent to babies around the world. In the last year, we have sent the blankets alongside donated medical supplies to 20 health centers in 12 countries.

“Today is an important delivery filled with

First Aid Kits and Care Packages

for thousands of babies,"

Tasha Nicole said with a smile.

The blankets with the teddy bears not only provide something for the babies to hold on to, but also a friend. These babies are often alone and the care packages provide them comfort, security, and something to bond with, Tasha-Nicole says.

Every Child’s Dream Foundation and Direct Relief have been partners for 8 years.

Visit to donate today!

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