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Tasha-Nicole -The Soccer Cinderella

She went from being abandoned on the street as a newborn baby, to a United Nations Ambassador for Peace. She’s a Five-Time World Record Holder in Soccer, World Renowned Soccer Training Expert, Founder of the Every Child’s Dream Foundation for orphaned babies and children and creator of one of the best-selling and most well-regarded soccer training systems in the world.

Tasha-Nicole is the Soccer Cinderella.

Abandoned by her birth Mother as a baby in the streets of Tehran. Left to die in a dark alleyway, a police officer found her and took her into the nearest orphanage where she shared a rusted metal crib with several other babies. She received no playtime, nobody would hold her or nurture her in any way. She later discovered that the orphanage had over 500 other abandoned babies and children, and sometimes there was just not enough food. Tasha shares with us her story of surviving the obstacles in her life and eventually helping kids worldwide.

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