Founded in 2009 by Tasha-Nicole Terani

The Every Child's Dream Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization for orphaned and abandoned babies and children. The purpose of our foundation is to provide emotional and financial support by providing Specialty Care Packages to Orphanages, Foster Care Centers, Hospitals & Disaster Relief situations worldwide. Care packages which include vital supplies and elements containing proven physical, emotional and

psychological benefits.

98% of ALL donations go directly to our cause and less than 2% towards operations. We would very much appreciate YOUR support. Yes, our care packages go to disaster relief efforts nationwide!

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$500 = 800 Care packs
$1,000 = 1600 Care packs
$5,000 = Allows us to deliver up to 40,000 Care Packages worldwide for a whole year!! 
$5 = 8 Care packages
$10 = 16 Care packages
$20 = 32 Care packages
$100= 160 Care Packages 
$500 = 800 Care Packages
$1,000 = 1,600 Care Packages
$5,000 = Allows us to deliver up to 40,000 Care Packages worldwide for one year!!

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  • Tasha-Nicole Terani
  • Tasha-Nicole Terani

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Toys R Us and Every Child's Dream

Toys R Us, Motor 4 Toys, Every Child's Dream Foundation and the Los Angeles Police Department Team Up for KIDS!