"I'm proud of where I came from and what I stand for, its not about getting over being abandoned its about turning the pain from our past into something positive and powerful for our future"

- Tasha-Nicole Terani  

(Tasha-Nicole celebrating another article with the ladies of her Senior Knitting Program)


Tasha-Nicole Terani is the Founder of the Every Child's Dream Foundation. She has dedicated her life to helping others as a result of her own life experiences. Abandoned by her birth mother, her journey had begun. Tasha-Nicole was found in the street and brought to a local orphanage where she would spend the vital first  few years of her life. The orphanage was overcrowded and understaffed with up to 5 babies sharing rusted metal cribs. Yearning for her mother, malnourished, neglected and confused, the impact of this experience led her to her destiny. Tasha-Nicole became an International Model by age 13. Featured in dozens of commercials and magazines including Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated. After many years of feeling unfulfilled in the modeling business she decided to go back to her roots, her underlying passion and play soccer again. She wanted to find a way to love what she is doing and to give back to others in the process. She became absolutely devoted and determined to change her destiny and to excel through soccer. Within only a few months of leaving the modeling business behind and taking up soccer, Tasha-Nicole was officially recognized when she broke several Mens World Records in Soccer. Her most current World Record (2020) is for the Fastest Megs by a male or female in soccer. Over the years Tasha-Nicole became recognized as a World Renowned Soccer Training Expert/Guru, and was honored by the United Nations as a Special Envoy for Peace through Soccer. In 2009 she began sending care packages to orphans in orphanages worldwide. As of 2021 her foundation has sent specialty care packages to over 96 countries. Focusing on ALL babies and children in need. Providing items of love and nurture to orphanages, foster care centers, hospitals, shelters and disaster relief situations around the world.